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  • "How would you like to live billions upon billions of lives? There’s a fabric of legends for you! Think of all those experiences, the wisdom they’d bring. But wisdom tempers love, doesn’t it? And it puts a new shape on hate. How can you tell what’s ruthless unless you’ve plumbed the depths of both cruelty and kindness?"

    Paul Muad’Dib, “Dune” by Frank Herbert (via impostoralice)


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    We hate suffering, but love it’s causes. – Shantideva

    We hate suffering, but love it’s causes. — Shantideva

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    Moscow Drift

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    Let me tell you: this rootless individualism is not a “smart” way of relating to the world. It is an infantile way. It is based on the same attitude we see in an infant screaming and throwing things because he didn’t get what he wanted. In a normal world, in a healthy environment, as an infant grows up he learns that he can’t always get exactly what he wants when he wants it. He learns not to expect that or even to make that his goal. He learns that he is a part of something larger and more permanent and more important than himself. He develops roots in his community, in his race. He learns to see himself in a larger context, in a framework of race and history and culture. His concept of “self” expands to include these things of which he is a part.

    That the type of development is normal and healthy, the type of development that leads to a sense of community responsibility and racial responsibility. And it leads to a stronger and healthier community and to a stronger and healthier race, in which the members of the community and of the race care about these larger collectives. But if a child grows up in a world where he is deliberately cut off from tradition and history, so that he cannot develop any sense of rootedness, or if his environment is so polluted with “diversity” and multiculturalism that he cannot identify with his racial community, then he does not have a proper framework within which to see himself relative to the world. He feels no sense of belonging and no sense of responsibility.

    William Pierce (via itsquitealrighttobewhite)

    (via nosvertu)

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    The blood lust jerks our legs to march,
    Fife and drum, fife and drum
    Our eyes are fixed and fearless
    Searching for the war
    Our statesmen deal in blood and lies
    100 million stifled cries, 100 million wasted lives
    Already gone before

    So March or Die, March or Die
    The stench of death is in the sky
    We never fail to satisfy
    We rend with tooth and claw


    March or Die- March Or Die (via fuckyeahmotorhead)


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  • Anonymous asked : Have you heard about the situation in Rotherham in England at the moment? It's been revealed that between 1997 and 2013, over 1400 children have been sexually abused in one city. They were drugged, beaten, raped, threatened with being burned alive or shot, and forced to work as prostitutes. Social services were aware of this abuse, but because the vast majority of the abusers were Pakistani men, they feared reporting it in case they were accused of racism.


    I have heard this. It’s all ok though. Britain is now a multicultural society! That’s all that matters.





    Barry Dodson quit as Rotherham mayor amid sex abuse claims

    This site is about Labour Party Paedophiles


    Good luck finding a taxi in Rotherham ever again.

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    Staircase, Prague.

    Dennis Fischer via My Modern Met 

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